Tile Roofing

Tile is one of the most beautiful roofing San Antonio components there is. It is highly costly and will last a lifetime if installed correctly. The most common tile is clay, but with newer technology they have made synthetic tile made of ceramic – these last longer and keep the awesome tile look forever. The price is still very stiff, but they look a lot better and function on a higher level. These are typically screwed in and set on top of 1 ½ spacers nailed on top of your existing roof to assure proper breathing. They come in many brands and beautiful color options. Call us at Monumental Roofing Services at (830) 837-4417 to Properly and carefully install this wonderful product.


Siding is the most common exterior production in the USA and the roofing San Antonio industry. It comes in many styles and multiple material options such as (1) Wood Siding, Shiplap, T&6, and Cedar shake, just to name a few. (2) Vinyl Siding is another common material you will find it mostly in northern states where the temperature it is much colder. It is very easy to install but tedious does last a while but not forever, the most within the last decade is James Hardie siding it is made of fiber cement. It is known for its durability and its very chic look, these come different varieties you can have the horizontal planks, or the 4×8 sheets. It depends on your style. Whichever one it is call Monumental Roofing Services to get the job done right. (830)837-4417

Fascia & Soffit

Fascia and Soffit are very essential part of your roofing San Antonio system it is the horizontal Board where you would attach your gutters to the soffit is the underneath part of the over hang around your house it protects the siding and also from anything getting into your roof the soffit can you apply a total roofing ventilation system it is performing at its maximum with the ventilation starts at the soffit and pushes the heat out of the top so the ventilation at the soffit is very key. There are many different types of materials you could use for the fascia and soffit depending on your budget. If you need your fascia and soffit upgraded or repaired, please give me a call 830-837-4417. Monumental Roofing Services.

Flat Roofs

Flat roofs are mainly used by commercial buildings, but there is a lot of flat residential roofs as well. The more common ones are modified bitumen. Roll Roofing, TPO, Tar & Gravel, Hot Tar, Edpm (Rubber Roof). Residential houses mostly are modified Bitumen, Roll Roof. Commercial Properties are mostly TPO (Thick Plastic Roof). Flat Roofs are more expensive than traditional Shingle Roofs Materials are more expensive than traditional shingle roofs. Materials are more expensive and more Labor Intensive. However, with roofs that are framed with no pitch need a flat roofing system in order to ensure the roof to be waterproof. If you need a flat roof installation, please don’t hesitate to call Monumental Roofing Services at 830-837-4417.

Composite Shingles

These are the most common roofing components, there is a variety of styles, some cheap, some expensive, you get what you pay for. There are also a few different ways so nail the shingles and multiple types of underlayment you put on before you nail the shingles on. Basically, it comes down to what you want to pay extra to get a better thicker, High Definition color shingle that will outlast the cheaper shingle x2. That’s why at Monumental Roofing Services, roofing San Antonio, we always use the best of the best materials. We are an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor, so we are held to the highest Standards among roofing Contractors. We have a 5-layer guarantee on our workmanship. That covers any leaks, blown off shingles or any issues with our workmanship. The technology is really blooming the last few years on manufactures making awesome types of shingles that will rival the durability and lifespan on metal. If you need a shingle roof replaced, please don’t hesitate to call Monumental Roofing Services 830-837-4417

New Decking

is also referred to as sheathing or plywood. It is installed over your rafters to provide your roof decking. There are a few different styles of roof decking. The most common is OSB, CDX, and Radiant Plywood. Once the plywood is installed, we install underlayment, then the shingles or metal. The plywood is nailed down with the full head galvanized nails. A lot of times if water penetrates under the shingles and thru the plywood and on to the inside of your house. The plywood gets water damaged thus warranting new decking. Other times homeowners prefer to re-deck the roof on an older home when they plan to replace the roof, because on older homes the decking is a lot thinner than current industry standards. If you need your roof redocked because of age, thickness or restoration caused by weather, please call Monumental Roofing Services, the roofing San Antonio company!

Metal Roofing Systems

Standing Seam Metal Roofs are very popular in this area with roofing San Antonio because of the heat. Standing Seam metal roofs are very durable and last a very long time. They reflect a lot of the sun’s heat; this makes energy bills plummet. Monumental Roofing Services always installs 24-gauge metal and there are a variety of colors available. Ridge vent is always included when we install standing seam. A free upgrade compared to other companies. And not 1 screw is visible on the roof. Then seams are double locked with a seamer to ensure a watertight seal. We use Ice and water shield as an underlayment on Metal Roof Installations, it is the best underlayment for a metal Roof. If you’re in the market for a metal roof, please call Monumental Roofing Services for a no obligation Free inspection and estimate.