Why Us

We are the Roofing San Antonio contractors who are truly committed to taking care of our customers. We understand that there are many other roofers in the area that you could choose from, but let us tell you why people like to choose us and really what makes us different than everyone else. And of course, when you’re looking for someone to perform any kind of service for you, it’s always advantageous to learn more about what really makes them different and how you can really benefit from this relationship.


First off, this isn’t our first rodeo as roofing San Antonio contractors. We’ve been doing this over 18 years, and our owner is very knowledgeable not simply because he’s studied specifics subjects and methods of performing these services, but more importantly he’s experienced for himself! Knowing how something works and being the who actually performs the work are entirely different concepts, one is imagination, the other is real and practical. And it doesn’t end here, we continue to develop our expertise with everything that we do here every day. These are things that we’re very intentional about, we don’t have the “we’ve arrived” mentality, we’re always here to learn and as our customers for their feedback so we can take care of them in better way each time we serve them.

Our owner, Alonzo, has actually built houses for over a decade. When it comes to all the intricacies involved in building a house, you can definitely tell that we’re not just the fly-by-night contractors who claim they can do anything, we’ve actually been there and done that. Monumental roofing services isn’t simply limited to roofing, we also take on a wide array of remodeling projects, bathrooms, kitchens, siding and so on! If you’re looking for a specific service, and doesn’t hurt to ask us!

On Budget Guarantee

How many times have you hired a roofing San Antonio contractor who gave a specific price but then decided to add on different fees and essentially completely change the price without telling you after the job was done? You’re not the only one! This happens far too often and that’s why you can count on us for the right price, and sticking to it! In fact, we have the “on budget guarantee” because it is truly our goal to take care of the customer and provide peace of mind every step of the way. Adding in unexpected fees and shifting the prices around is an easy way to lose trust with a contractor. That’s why we’re to continue to build trust with everyone we encounter.

5 Year Workmanship Warranty

There is a lot that we do here to make sure that our quality never declines. That’s why we offer a 5-year workmanship warranty to back up the quality of the work that we offer! This workmanship warranty will cover any leaks that occur and shingles falling off during that period. There is also a lifetime warranty on the shingles that we use! These are important details that really demonstrate the expertise and quality of our team. We are always looking for the best way to serve our customers.

On time guarantee

Over here, this is the home of the “on-time guarantee”. What’s so special about this guarantee? Well, for every day that we are late we remove $250 off of your bill. That’s how intentional with our schedule! We don’t just tell you that we’ll get the job done on time, we actually get it done on time for our customers! We understand what it’s like to be in a frustrating situation in which you’re having to wait a extra weeks with your roof tore open because the roofing San Antonio decided to tackle another project before finishing yours. When we’re on the job with you, you are all we are focused on! This speaks volumes to our customers and we know you’ll appreciate it as well.

Highly Rated

After all, how can you really know if we are the right roofing San Antonio contractors for you? Well we encourage each one of our customers not to just take our word for it! In fact, on the contrary, don’t choose any kind of contractor based off of what they tell you, make sure they can prove it! That’s why we know you’ll definitely enjoy the following proof. We are highly rated! We have over 40 5-star reviews from customers, this is the single best way to learn more about our services and the results that we bring. Taking the opportunity to learn more about the average experience is great predictor of what your experience would be like.

We are truly focused on making sure that our customers are really satisfied. At the end of the day, it’s just about taking care of the customers. We don’t ever finish a job with a customer regretting they chose us. These are things that we do in order to really develop a strong relationship with each one of our customers because we know that this is the best way to serve our city as the go-to roofing San Antonio. Just as Warren Buffet said “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minuted ruin it. If you think about that you’ll do things differently.”


When it’s all said and done, the result is important of course, but the process is key. We are here to provide you an enjoyable experience from start to finish. That’s a big reason that we are very intentional we our communication with the customer. Solid communication allows us stay on the same page, to make sure were not stepping on toes and most of all maximizing the quality of the service we offer. This really minimizes any kind of surprises, our customers make note of this. In fact, we are also always looking for feedback with everything that we do here. If we’re not improving than we’re deteriorating. That’s why we continue to keep ourselves in check with every aspect of the job and each project that we perform for you!